.Born DeWayne Morris, Uncle Wayne blazed up a trail of smoke before deciding to embark upon the journey of musical excellence we call "Hithm and Bluez". Uncle Wayne is a country boy from Saline, LA. This is where he was groomed by his grandpa and grandma, John and Carrie Bell Williams, while also being cared for by his mother, Carrie Morris. His mother always played a significant role in his life, even though his grandparents were the ones who provided most of his needs--mainly a place to live. Uncle Wayne has sung in the church since he was four years old but never knew he had a talent for it until he was eleven years old when he was molded by Ail and Steve Harris in the community choir (The Voices of Trinity). His next vocal training would come under the leadership of Dr. Fred Pinckney in ''The Strong Tower Gospel Chorale" at Grambling State University. It was not until he became reacquainted with his childhood associate, Chris Foster (Dat Dam Boi) that he was able to put the words of his life to music. DDB had the fly tracks and Uncle Wayne had the art of expression through the gift of lyrics and a distintive, soulful voice to carry the melody. Hence, we are now blessed with "Da Birth of Hithm and Bluez". Uncle Wayne has performed in front of many audiences across the U.S. and opened for many established performers, such as, Willie Clayton, T.K. Soul, Jeff Floyd, and J. Blackfoot, just to name a few. Out of all the performances he has done, he is most proud of the one he did in Ruston, LA in 2005 with Willie Clayton because it was the first Black concert at this establishment. This act really signifies what Uncle Wayne is about--using his voice to make a positive change. Uncle Wayne is a talented Blues, Hip-hop, and R&B singer who idolizes music icons like Johnny Taylor, Al Green, Bobby Rush, etc. However, please do not be compelled to believe he is one demensional. Uncle Wayne also has the lyrical skills and melody patterns to get his point across through almost any genre of music he chooses. When asked how he incorporates all of these styles of music into one he simply replied, "I'm just a young man with an old soul."..
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  DA Birth of Hithm & Bluez
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